Good horsemanship is built on solid basics…so is good business!

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Welcome to the Blue Ribbon Workshop Center!

Congratulations for taking this step to improve your horse business! These workshops are hands-on and provide you with tools and techniques to get started towards greater success now. If you are participating in a live teleseminar, time is allocated during each call for Q&A so that you can ask questions and get answers specifically related to your individual situation. You’ll have the chance to complete assignments and have them reviewed by Lisa for feedback too. If you can’t make it to the call because of schedule conflicts, a recording will also be posted within 24 hours following workshop. That way you can listen at your convenience. If you are new to teleseminars, please review Teleseminar Procedures and Etiquette.


Workshops are often made available following the original teleseminar. The recordings and all other materials are made available in this format.


Take a look around the Workshop Center.                  


After you've signed up for a teleseminar or workshop, you’ll have access to these resources:

1) Weekly Recordings – Each week you'll have access to that week's topic

2) Worksheets – Templates and checklists for you to complete for your individual business

3) More Resources – Other articles and links related to the topic


Workshops available:

5 Fundamental Steps to Starting Your Horse Business


Thanks for joining me - I’m really looking forward to working with you!

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