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Penniless Philanthropy


Horses in my life

I have never known “what I wanted to be when I grow up” but have always found what comes next. Horses have played a significant and central role in my life. They have been my friend, hobby, sport, way to earn a living, and provide a deep spiritual connection. Horses have given me focus and direction at critical times in my life, and I owe them much. I can’t imagine a life without horses. When I owned my first business – a 25 horse boarding, instruction, and training facility – it was this relationship that I wanted to provide to others as well. I wanted to share the joy, bond, and mulitude of other benefits that horses have to offer. I have many fond memories of those years, and a phenomenal group of people that feel like family.


When I was considering my next career step, horses were once again center stage. As my Masters Degree final project, I chose to start Blue Ribbon Consulting. I knew first hand the challenges that an equine professional has in running their stable and wanted to provide the assistance that would help them to overcome obstacles and thrive. I also realized that by working with horse businesses and associations, I could impact a larger population than I could when I ran my stable.


The dream

groomAt some point along the way I finally discovered what I wanted to be when I grew up. A philanthropist – I wanted to be a philanthropist. Well, since I’m still working on banking my first million (believe me, there’s still time!), I have found a way to accomplish this dream without a ton of money.


Pay it forward

First, I am offering a Pay It Forward program. I am going to work with two businesses or organizations a year for a focused project that will help them start or grow their operation. This will be offered to those that recognize they need assistance but lack the financial resources to take that step. The caveat here is that they must, in turn, help someone else out with their business or services in the next 6 months. Details of this offer can be found in the Penniless Philanthropy document.

Penniless Philanthropy *


Love of the land

If there is anything that has had an equally profound influence in my life, it is the land itself. I was born as the fifth, and sadly last, generation on a family farm. My connection with the land and nature are as strong as my connection with horses. And horses need land to live on and work on and recreate on. I have been a supporter of Equine Land Conservation Resource since it started, and in addition to that support I am going to donate 10% of all income from the sale of any of my written materials.



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Penniless Philanthropy

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“Thank you for offering the services you do for the equestrian entrepreneurs.  I have looked online for good, down-to-earth business information on horse/equestrian related business.  Of all of them that I have come across, yours by far has offered the most in my opinion.  I purchased the 2 books, 'Growing Your Horse Business' and 'Bang for Your Buck' a few years ago and they are my bibles…”

Mary Green, Jackson, MI