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Posted by Lisa Derby Oden
Lisa Derby Oden
I've been fortunate to be involved with horses throughout my life... so far that
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on Saturday, 11 January 2014
in Penniless Philanthropy

Thank Goodness for Penniless Philanthropy and Lisa Derby Oden! - by Kim Cardeccia


Thanks to Kim Cardeccia for authoring this post about what it's like to participate in Blue Ribbon Consulting's Penniless Philanthropy program. Kim, thank you so much for your interest and your work! I truly enjoy this program and work, and am so pleased that I have this opportunity to give back to the horse industry.

I am so glad that I applied for the Penniless Philanthropy program. Working with Lisa and participating in this program has made a big difference in my business.


I was excited, and to be honest, a bit scared to start the program. I was embarrassed about my lack of business know how, and the lack of money that I was bringing in. All my anxious energy was for naught, however. Lisa did a fabulous job, time and time again, I might add, of reassuring me that it was ok, and it was going to get better. She let me know that the numbers of my business, for example, did nothing more than tell a story. They weren’t a reflection of the quality of my services, or more importantly, my ability to learn.

Before starting the program, I knew about setting goals, and I knew that I should have them, but have to admit that I didn’t have any specific goals set. A lot of that had to do with the fear of not reaching them. I learned that setting goals and working toward them was a great tool for gathering information, rather than a practice that would lead to feelings of failure if the goal was not obtained. 

That helped me realize that I was so scared about not meeting goals that I wasn’t setting them. The work that I do is so important to me that I couldn’t imagine giving it up because I couldn’t make any money. After learning that the path toward a goal tells a story, too, it because much more appealing to set goals. Funny how deeply fear affects us, even when you think you know a thing or two about it.


Since starting in the program, I have seen some wonderful shifts in my business. I have moved to a facility with an indoor arena. On my way to someday owning my own farm so that I can wake up every day and see my horses. In this facility, I have a meeting place to hold classes and other group events, as well as an office, which makes everything flow so much better. In addition to the indoor area, my horses have wonderful pastures with run ins and water. All the things that I had listed out when describing my ideal facility.


I have made some goals for the New Year, and have started on my objectives to reach them. Having a plan helps me to feel proactive, and like I can have an effect on the outcome. It has made such a difference in my world.


I would encourage anyone thinking about applying for this program to do so. Lisa is amazing and wonderful to work with, and it will change things for you in a big way. It has for me!




























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I've been fortunate to be involved with horses throughout my life... so far that is! Early in my career I owned and operated Derby Farm, a riding stable in Buxton, Maine. I have also worked as a freelance riding instructor and bring all this practical experience to my consulting work. Blue Ribbon Consulting focuses on business and nonprofit development in the equine industry. I provide evaluation, planning, research, marketing and problem-solving services to take you successfully through all your horse business transitions. I've worked with clients around the world, and have received state and national honors for my work in the equine industry. Since I love this industry and believe in it, I've also been a nonprofit founder, board member, and executive officer for local, state and national organizations. I've worked with nonprofits in strategic planning, program development, corporate development, fundraising, grant writing and grant administration. Part of this wonderful journey has also allowed me to serve as adjunct faculty and guest lecturer at several universities, and to deliver business development, marketing, and leadership seminars throughout the United States. I also developed and oversaw the Entrepreneurs Resource Center for a community college. I've published two books, have been a columnist and freelance writer for many trade publications, and am a partner in the CD series “Inventing Your Horse Career.”


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