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Thanks for joining me at Blue Ribbon Business Bits!

We'll be covering a variety of topics to help you build a strong foundation and navigate your horse business transitions with success. We'll be talking about marketing, business planning, industry research, issues that impact your business and much more. We'll also be talking with other experts in these fields too.

Please feel free to download these podcasts to listen to at your convenience. And please let me know what topics you'd like to know more about and people you'd like to hear from here.


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Is Your Price Structure Working?

Set Up and Maintain Your Own Website, with Pamela Wilson and Wendy Cholbi

After listening to the podcast you'll want to take Pamela and Wendy's free series.

Love your website


Why You Need a Powerful Resume, with Marcia Hancock, The Job Search Advisor

The Last Wild, with Nikki Gordon, writer, director, producer

Insight Into Entrepreneurship and Social Media, with Mandee Widrick, Horse Family Magazine

Writing to Generate Revenue, with Nanette Levin, Horse Sense and Cents

NLP for Horse Business and Riding, with Gary Diplock, Mind4Sport

Equine Grooming as a Profession, with Liv Gude of 

Horse Expo Insights with Dr. Betsy Greene, UVM

Design and Its Impact on Your Business Image, Brand and Communications with Tuuli Sauren, INSPIRIT

Grant Writing for Your Horse Nonprofit

Exploring Insurance for Your Horse Business, with Jerry McTear, Equineinsure

Natural Horsekeeping, with Kay Aubrey-Chimene, Grand Adventures Ranch

Balanced Living and Its Impact on Your Horse Business, with Patti Bartsch, Naturally Unbridled

The Horse Industry and Land Issues, with Deb Balliet, ELCR

Diversified Revenue Streams for Your Horse Business

Retired Horse Care as a Niche Market, with Kelly ONeill, Green Gate Farm

Customers Rate Your Horse Business, with Debbie Hanson,

Design Insights for Marketing Your Horse Business, with Sandy DeMaioNewton, SHE Design

Horse Business Newsletters, with Donna Cheek,

Website Basics for Your Website, with Louisa Amirault,

Horse Farm Management Software, with Marie Taulbee, Equine Maintenance, LLC

Working with Virtual Assistants in Your Horse Business

Business Basics for Horse Nonprofits, with Pat Harmon

Business Planning Tips for Success, with Charlene Andersen, Kamigo Marketing, LLC

Business Planning Is a Tool for Growth

Stages of Horse Business Growth, with Randi Thompson

External & Internal Issues Your Horse Business Encounters - The Stages of Growth, Part 2

The Stages of Business Growth, Part 1





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“Thank you for offering the services you do for the equestrian entrepreneurs.  I have looked online for good, down-to-earth business information on horse/equestrian related business.  Of all of them that I have come across, yours by far has offered the most in my opinion.  I purchased the 2 books, 'Growing Your Horse Business' and 'Bang for Your Buck' a few years ago and they are my bibles…”

Mary Green, Jackson, MI